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Email communication with parents:

TVLC Preschool & Kindergarten Families,

According to the latest news, our school will be closed through April 10th.

Our staff has been working hard to create a plan to keep our kids and families close while distancing! We, as many other schools, have decided to take advantage of the technology resources we have available. Our school has created a YouTube channel in order for our teachers to continue to connect with our students. Depending on what day your child typically attends classes there will be a packet of projects available for pick up outside of the classroom. If you are interested in a packet, they will be available between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. The first week packets are available Wednesday and Thursday (see the schedule below) and the following weeks, they will be available Monday and Tuesday mornings. We are trying to limit contact, so teachers will stay inside preparing for the next packet. They will wave to you through the windows! Our teachers will create short videos with project directions and a story for each day your child would normally attend class. If you are interested in Dolphin or Monkey packets, there will be a limited number available each day as well. Our YouTube channel is available for all of our families. If you have supplies at home and want to try other class projects, please feel free to do that. There will be certain supplies that will not be included in the packets, i.e. Glue sticks, scissors etc. If you do not have supplies to complete the projects please let us know and we can lend you our supplies.

Our school is trying really hard to continue to pay our teachers their normal salaries. We also do not expect parents to pay a full tuition without having kids physically attend classes. Our board is supporting our decision to cut tuition in half for the month of April. We are waiting to see what the State decides, as to when we will reopen classes. Please keep an eye on our website and email communications. Teachers will also be communicating through the classroom apps.

The school office will be staying closed to keep a healthy work environment for office staff and teachers to prep materials for our outgoing packets. We will continue to check messages and respond to emails each day.

If you ordered from Scholastic Books, your order will be given to you at the project pick up time.

Our YouTube will start having videos loaded starting next week!

YouTube website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEsB5dznUaM0pzhiA_M_YtA/

Pick up Times/Days

               Wednesday 3/25 M/W Lambs, Giraffes, & Owls between 8 a.m. & 9 a.m.

                Thursday 3/26 T/TH Lambs and Bunnies between 8 a.m. & 9 a.m.

All future weeks (dependent on how long school is out)

                Mondays- M/W Lambs, Giraffes, & Owls between 8 a.m. & 9 a.m.

Tuesdays- T/TH Lambs & Bunnies-  between 8 a.m. & 9 a.m.         

*Kinder- Please check with Mrs. Smith

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!


Cari Lindsey
TVLC Preschool & Kindergarten


2020-2021 Registration is open!

Grab your spot for the upcoming school year before they are gone!
If you are new to our school and would like to come see the campus, please call us at 749-1738 to schedule a tour!


Upcoming Events


Is open for all families

Dad’s Day

April 22, 23, 24

Water Days

April 28, 29, 30, May 1




You’ll find so many reasons to choose us as the preschool or kindergarten for your child! Here’s why you’ll be glad you registered with us.


  • We are licensed by the State of Arizona.
  • We welcome students and families from all social, economic and religious backgrounds.
  • Our small class sizes enable teachers to know all of their students well and provide personalized instruction.
  • Two teachers in every class ensure that each child gets individualized attention.
  • Our teachers are experienced, dedicated, caring, highly qualified and committed.
  • We offer Enrichment Programs in the morning (Dolphins) and afternoon (Monkeys) Monday-Friday.
  • Our strong parent community supports all of our children, their families, and our school.
  • Parents and families are encouraged to be part of our school community by coming to events such as Teddy Bear Picnic, Fall Festival, Christmas Chapel Performances, Moments with Mom, Dad’s Brunch, Spring Carnival and more!
  • We are a ministry of Tanque Verde Lutheran Church.
  • Our approach focuses on educating the whole child — socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Our approach inspires each child to achieve his or her full potential.
  • Weekly chapel experiences and community service projects help teach children to be upstanding individuals.
  • We have been an active part of the Tucson community, educating students since 1979, with second and third generation students attending.
  • One of the most valuable gifts a parent can give a child is an excellent education. At TVLC Preschool & Kindergarten our children receive just that — an excellent education.


8625 E Tanque Verde Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85749


(520) 749-1738

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Family Testimonials

When searching for a Kindergarten for my first daughter I was very nervous and overwhelmed.  After visiting many schools, I finally chose Tanque Verde Lutheran Church Kindergarten and I am so beyond glad that I did.  TVLC Kindergarten has provided my daughter a small and nurturing environment in which she has thrived both academically and emotionally.  I am pleased to know that my daughter comes home happy and excited to go to school everyday.  My daughter loves the Zoo Phonics program and it is a joy to see her come home and share all of the fun activities in her day at school.  Overall, the Kindergarten program provides a well-balanced environment that I was hoping for; good academics, plenty of physical activity, hands-on learning, community building, and spiritual and social development.  Her Kindergarten teachers, staff, and school Director are warm and inviting to our family.  We enjoy attending our daughter’s special family events for holidays and more.  I know that my daughter will be more well prepared to enter her larger elementary school as a 1st grader having had her year at TVLC Kindergarten to mature and help her grow into a beautiful, curious, and empathetic person. “

Julie B

My son has attended TVLCPK for 2 year old Lambs and 3 year old Bunnies. The amazing teachers and staff, loving environment and focus on education is what had us enroll our son for a second year. He loves the structure, “awesome” teachers and “nice” friends he has met during his time here. As a 3 year old, he also enjoys being able to eat lunch and attend the afternoon Monkey enrichment classes with his friends. The special days that the staff and teachers coordinate (i.e. Teddy Bear Picnic, Fall Festival, Christmas Chapels, Moments with Mom, Spring Carnival, Donuts with Dad) are so special and are something my family looks forward to attending to every year! We truly appreciate the program that TVLC offers our community!

Stephanie B.

In the past two and a half years with the preschool, we have had nothing but a positive experience. My oldest son, Parker, started as a four year old Giraffe, and we chose TVLC for his Kindergarten year. He is a very bright and sensitive child, and we wanted a small class for him where he would receive a balance of play and academics. The staff did an outstanding job of meeting his needs and providing many experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. His confidence soared last year. When I did have a few concerns throughout the year, both the director and his teacher were receptive and helped to find a solution that fit his needs. Parker wanted to go to school everyday, which, ultimately, was our goal for him! He is now in first grade at an area school and has transitioned really well. Our middle son, Bennett, is now in the four year old Giraffes, and his personality is so different from our oldest. I appreciate the community within the preschool, and have seen huge growth in his social and emotional skills. While academics was not our main goal for him, he is improving in both letter recognition and counting. Above all, he has a positive attitude about learning! We are grateful for a wonderful director and such a dedicated and caring staff!

Tara H.